I scheduled vacation for the first week of July for myself this year. Today is the last day.
  1. I'm so glad I took a week off.
    I always feel a little harried when school starts again and I've had no real time off.
  2. I'm finally feeling like my sinus infection is about gone.
    Yesterday was five weeks! Ugh! But today I'm feeling so much better!!!
  3. I've cooked some glorious meals!
    Low-country boil, BBQ beef, quiche, sweet italic an sausage pasta! It's been a feast around here every night!
  4. I've scheduled my entire year of lessons through next May!
    That, my friends, is a giant load off my shoulders!!! It feels so good to have it done!
  5. I had a lovely coffee with my daughter the other morning.
  6. I've been driving around in my daughter's convertible this whole week and it's been a hoot!!!!
    She needed my car and we just haven't gotten around to trading back. I'm in no hurry!
  7. I feel a teensy tiny bit bad about the things I didn't do, but I'm so thrilled about the good things from this vacay that I'm going to let that go!
  8. I definitely feel relaxed and refreshed!
    Maybe not quite ready to go back to work, but my heart feels so much more peaceful than two weeks ago!
  9. God Bless vacations!!!!