If this makes no sense, read my last post.
  1. In coming to grips with my daughter's marriage ending and her wanting to explore other sexual options, I've actually realized some thing about myself.
  2. I have lived vicariously through her almost since the day she was born.
    She is beautiful and popular and charming and lovely - everything I always wished to be.
  3. My self worth has depended a lot on her
    If she is successful, I feel really good about myself. When she makes decisions I disagree with, I feel like people are judging me
  4. I'm more worried about what other people think than my daughters' happiness
    Yikes! That one hurts. I come from a VERY judgmental family and it's always hindered my own sense of self. I don't want to do that to my girls!
  5. ***
  6. I tell my piano students when they hit a part that's hard, don't avoid it. Lean into the struggle! Conquer that part and then move on.
    I guess it's time for me to listen to my own advice!
  7. So I'm leaning in to this struggle and learning a LOT about myself in the process!