1. My oldest (Taylor) is getting divorced and they sold their house super-fast
    So she's staying with us until she finds another place
  2. My youngest (Alexys) flew home from Kansas for a quick vacation
  3. I'm in HEAVEN!
    It's so great to have them here!
  4. We had breakfast together this morning at The Pancake House
  5. Now we're having pedicures
  6. Tomorrow we're going to the forest before I have to go to work
  7. Tuesday Alexys flies back in the early morning
  8. So we're making the most of every minute!!!!
  9. I love my girlies!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
  10. Hanging out with Lexye's best friend's baby!
    He's a punkin!
  11. Breakfast pic
  12. One last pic
    Breakfast super early (5:30am) at Union Station before Alexys travelled home today.