I've waited a couple weeks to write this because I'm really struggling with a couple things and I could use your input
  1. This is my daughter Taylor
  2. She's the one on the left
    Typical first-born: rule-follower, confident, in charge, persuasive, leader of the pack
  3. Her little sister Lexye had to deal with some rough things as a child and Taylor (who loves the spotlight) felt overlooked
  4. She's had so many great experiences - traveling to Spain and Gibraltar and Morocco and England for a couple different summers in high school
    She went as a nanny with some friends
  5. She's done modeling and she sang in American Idol
  6. And she's always always always had a boyfriend.
    Boys waiting in line to date her!
  7. Three years ago (this September) she married her best friend Cory
  8. He adores her and would give her the freaking moon if she asked for it
  9. This is us last weekend when she told us that she and Cory are splitting up because she thinks she might be lesbian.
  10. I'm trying so hard to be supportive in the midst of heartbreak. But the reality is: I DON'T BELIEVE HER
    I know and love a BUNCH of people who are gay (having been very involved in the music theatre community forever). So my issue is not that I would have a problem with it, I just don't see it.
  11. My heart breaks for her husband.
    They say they're going to stay best friends. It's weird.
  12. I'm consumed with it. I'm even physically sick from the stress.
  13. Help me, friends! I need your words of wisdom.
    I'm genuinely stuck here and I don't want to be.
  14. By the way, she has shared this with all of her friends and the world via Facebook, so she would not have a problem with me sharing this with you.
    Just wanted you to not worry about that!