My father was a piece of work. He had an amazing work ethic and was a great provider. He loved my mom and, for the most part, was a really good dad. But he had many prejudices. If you asked him, he would have denied it! But here are some of the things I learned from him:
  1. The following things were all "bad":
  2. Catholics
    To this day I can't figure out why except because my dad was Protestant
  3. Democrats
    He was a staunch Republican and loved Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly. Ugh! I feel like gagging even writing their names!
  4. Ford, Chrysler, and any foreign car
    He was a strict Chevrolet man!
  5. Coke
    Pepsi is for Christians
  6. Latinos
    We lived in a rural community with many seasonal migrant workers. He had no time for anyone who couldn't speak the language.
  7. Anyone who worked on Sunday
    Yikes! If someone missed church for work, they better pray for salvation again because they probably just lost it!
  8. "Rock" music
    Anything that was not suitable for church or steak houses. "That's devil music"!
  9. Any kind of cussing
    Including Gee Whilikers, gee whiz, gosh, golly, darn and heck.
  10. So this is Me now:
  11. Sorta Protestant but severely "backslidden"
    I don't really do church much anymore
  12. Democrat
  13. Coke
    I don't really drink soda anymore but if I did it would be Coke
  14. Nissan
    And before that I had a Honda!
  15. Married to a black man!
    He's not Latino but it was still a big fat issue!!!
  16. Sunday is my busiest work day!
  17. I listen to whatever music I want!
  18. I say damn, hell, bitch, ass and shit and sometimes fuck if the situation calls for it.
  19. My father is turning in his urn, I'm certain!
  20. Giphy