My mother will be 81 on Sunday
  1. I love her!!!
    We've been best friends forever!
  2. The only thing that we really didn't have in common were our political leanings.
  3. Admittedly, I was a fierce republican for many years
    Because that was the language spoken in our home - Christianese and Republican
  4. When my father passed away six years ago, my mother came to live with us
    We who are racially mixed and fiercely Democrat!!!
  5. And for awhile we bumped heads on politics
  6. But this last year...
  7. I've seen such a huge change in her perspective on the world
    She cares about climate change (which she vehemently denied), she supports Planned Parenthood (hated it before), she cares about poor people and LGBT people and refugees
    My father was turning in his urn!
  9. Today she made the comment "Well if that's what it takes to get us back into the White House..."
    She said US!!! As in Democrats!!!!
  10. At 81, she is one of the most amazing people I've ever known!
    And by the way, she always has the latest smartphone, she's on Facebook and instagram and Twitter!!! And she does all of her banking and shopping online! She's a technological badass!!!
  11. I love her!!!❤️❤️❤️
    And my daughter made us wear flower crowns for Mother's Day! ☺️
  12. I'm trying to post pics but I'm having trouble!
    Pics coming!!!
  13. Yay! Pics are up!!!