Ok so I haven't lived in every neighborhood in the world but I have lived in NYC (multiple times), London (4 years), Philly, Boston and LA (twice now) and without a doubt Larchmont is by far my favorite. Here's why.
  1. I can walk to the supermarket, drugstore, salon, a ton of lunch/ dinner options, coffee, my kid's preschool and the gym.
    It's almost like New York that way. I'm a homebody and I can easily keep my life to a five block radius.
  2. Fourth of July block party
    Every 4th my neighbors get together for an old fashioned block party with a kids bike parade, water balloon toss, bouncy castles and then we all roll down the street to watch the fireworks. It's true small town Americana smack in the middle of LA.
  3. Spoiled for choice of coffee shops to write in
    Bricks and Scones & Le Pain are my favorites. But in a pinch, there's also Pete's and Starbucks or even the outdoor tables at Coffee Bean. There's even a writers space called The Hatchery. Amazing options all within walking distance.
  4. Pretty diverse.
    My neighbors are from all different backgrounds and religions, we have multiple two dads/two moms households on our street, and it turns out my kids are NOT the only half Indian kids on the block which is pretty amazing. Best of big city life but with a real sense of community.
  5. Calamari salad at Le Petit Greek
    My favorite meal pretty much anywhere.
  6. Family friendly sushi/burgers/pizza
    A ton of options for me to feed my kiddies comfortably.
  7. Chevalier Books
    New owners have really revolutionized this indie. And as a writer, nothing better than having a good local indie bookstore nearby.
  8. Halloween
    Almost every house on my block decorates for Halloween. I love that none of us are too cool for school or fake spider webs.
  9. Salt & Straw
    Dangerously good. Maybe not so great that this is in walking distance?
  10. Not one but three juiceries.
    Ok I'm not into fancy pants juice but if you are I imagine this is handy.
  11. Sunday Farmer's Market
  12. GGT Coffee
    Apparently rated the number one coffee shop in the country. Not great for lingering with a laptop but amazing for caffeinating.
  13. Adorable toy stores
    And they are nice about letting kids play.
  14. Snooknuk
    On the rare rainy day, an indoor play place. Also surprisingly good food and fro yo.
  15. Artworks
    Seriously amazing art classes for kids.
  16. Coffee and Food
    Egg & prosciutto sandwich. To die for.
  17. Gratitude for the vegans and Babycakea for the gluten free. Macaroons for the fancy and Crumbs for the rest of us.
  18. Best neighbors
    People actually stop and say hi when you pass them on the street and my kids know and play with all of our neighbors.
  19. A good public school
    My kid starts Kindergarten at our local public school next month. Fingers crossed I'm right about this.
  20. Larchmont Wine & Cheese
    Amazing wine. Amazing cheese. Even better sandwiches. Three of the best things in life in one place.
  21. Fruit trees
    Again urban living but we make homemade lemonade with lemons from our own trees.
  22. Only place I've lived that truly feels like home.
  23. Sam's bagels !
    Suggested by @gilbaron
  24. An actual newsstand with just about every magazine and newspaper you could ever want.
    Suggested by @Aisha