I've got just under two years people. The odds are not in my favor.
  1. How my body actually works
  2. How to enjoy running or really any cardio exercise.
    I'm down with yoga and Pilates and I force myself through the hell of barre classes. But straight up cardio? Yuck
  3. To realize not everyone has to like me.
    It doesn't really matter if my gynecologist enjoys my company during the five minutes she is peering at my vagina. And yet...I do my best to make her comfortable. Why?!?
  4. That In fact, it's sometimes necessary for people not to like me.
    I find this is true especially when advocating for myself or my kids. Hate it, find it terribly uncomfortable. Need to outgrow that discomfort.
  5. To not beat myself up on bad work days.
    If I'm going to slack off might as well enjoy myself.
  6. Realize there is no such thing as balance in work and motherhood.
    Every day is different and brings its own struggles. And that's okay.
  7. To meditate daily
    I currently meditate about two to three times per week and it's fundamentally changed my life. I'd be a happier person if I committed to meditating every day.
  8. To be more reflective and less reflexive in my political beliefs.
  9. To waste less time on the Internet.
  10. To be less of a maximizer when it comes to decisions.
  11. To follow the airplane rule more often in family life. I often forget to put my oxygen mask on first.
  12. To accept all the things I am not and to stop comparing myself to others.
  13. To realize picking 40 as some sort of goal post is completely arbitrary.