If I could self-install an update, here are the glitches that would be fixed in Julie 2.0.
  1. The switching of the letter R and the number 3.
    Since I was a little kid, I've associated these two and still often write a 3 when I mean an R and vice ve3sa.
  2. Occasional face blindness
    I have one neighbor who, for whatever reason, I can never recognize though I know exactly who she is and I really like her. This also applies to my children's baby photos. Have trouble telling them apart even though they looked pretty different as babies.
  3. Terrible long term memory
    I'm great with short term learning/memorizing but very little sticks long term. Husband will bring up a fight we had and I'll have absolutely no recollection of it happening. It's very Girl On A Train except I'm not a drinker. On the plus side, I never hold a grudge. And it's always fun to learn new things all over again.
  4. Trouble with foreign pronunciation.
    You will never catch me eating a croissant because I hate to ask for one. Love my local bookstore Chevalier Books but won't say it out loud. Ditto Le Pain Quotidian. Strangely, have a good ear for dialogue which doesn't seem to follow.
  5. Super sensitive to loud noises and temperature and discomfort in general.
    Rarely wear heels because I find the feeling of pinched toes so distracting I can't focus on anything else. The second I get home I rip off my clothes and put on comfortable pajamas.
  6. Occasional decision paralysis
  7. Lack much common knowledge.
    This relates to my bad long term memory. Forget how many letters in the alphabet, passed two bar exams but can't tell you the mechanics of how a bill becomes a law, never remember my times tables. But because I went to law school can talk complex constitutional law and theory, no problem, but can never remember which amendment is which.
  8. My love of carbs.
    Ok not really a glitch but while we are fixing things, why not?