Straight from my iPhone Photos...
  1. The oldest selfie to date in my albums. I delete photos off of my phone as soon as I no longer need them, but for some reason I keep this one around. I think I liked the angle of my face/head size ratio.
  2. I was trying to be artsy and deep, just like every other girl on Instagram/Facebook who takes a half decent abstract selfie in black and white with a camera that's not connected to a mobile device. I don't know if I'll ever post this (aside from here, obviously).
  3. The crop defeats the purpose of this photo, but basically I was looking rad and feeling my outfit. Won't post due to (iPhone 4...cringe) quality but will keep on phone to admire when I'm feeling shitty about self.
  4. Again, trying to be deep and artsy. Failing. Will probably post in the future as a #tbt or a "missing summer" type of post.
  5. My best friend took this of me in the middle of a shoot. I edited the complete fuck out of it and then b&w'd it for old times sake. Probably won't post. A more edited version has been my Twitter AVI once or twice.
  6. Really don't know why this is still saved on my phone. Don't know why I bothered editing it, there must be something I still kinda like about it, or maybe I'm being optimistic. Will never post. Bright lighting always makes one of my eyebrows look lighter (depending on angles) and this was one of those times.
  7. Trying to be sexual and failing. Facetuned the fuck out of my skin, which is probably why I didn't post it, cause people would notice. Threw it on VSCO with a filter but not worried about people seeing it on there, seeing as I only have 1 follower. Asked a few friends if I should post and got mixed reviews so I'm waiting/sleeping on it. WPP.
  8. Again, posted on VSCO, but no one will see it. Unsure of it. I try so hard when taking selfies and then cannot take myself seriously afterwards. This photo makes me laugh but I also kinda like how my hair looks. (Plus the lighting makes my one cheekbone look hella fleeked). Undecided as to whether to post or not.
  9. Was high af and took this on photo booth. The filter makes me look like I have no whites in my eyes, hence making me look like an alien. I love it and will probably post in the future as a joke meme.
  10. Again, high. I took this for posterity. Simply to show that, when high enough, my mono lids droop (especially my left). For some reason I found this fact to be interesting enough to selfie it for future references.
  11. Trying to be outdoorsy and show how outdoorsy I am. This was during a Valentine's Day x-country ski on the lake. The sun was shining and I was superbly happy. Don't know whether or not to post because happiness>looking cheesy af on camera is an ongoing battle in my Instagram brain.
  12. I don't know what happened here but this is the most recent selfie in my albums. Won't post but it's funny to me. And yeah I was probably high when I took this.