Inspired by @summeranne and a bunch of other people who seem like they know their way around here.
  1. My name is Julie
    I never introduce myself as Jules, but I'm immediately endeared to anyone who calls me that.
  2. I have two different colored eyes.
    And a freckle on my lip, as long as we're discussing weird things about my face.
  3. I'm Colorado native.
    And here I shall stay.
  4. I am an atheist.
    Not a fake one. Not an angry one either.
  5. I am not a vegan.
    I'm gluten-intolerant intolerant. And I don't do Cross Fit.
  6. I studied Anthropology at the University of Colorado.
    And minored in writing. Both have played a huge role in how I think.
  7. Later I went to culinary school for pastry.
    I wanted to go just for pastry, but pastry-only programs were rare back then, so I had to learn everything. I'm so glad I did. Except for dispatching lobsters...I didn't need that.
  8. Then I started a caramel corn business called Tuffy Kickshaw's Sweetly Covered Corn.
    Most popular flavor was Whiskey 'n Brown Butter. My business made me so happy, proud, and exhausted.
  9. Now I do copywriting, social media, and marketing for other businesses.
  10. I'm in love with France.
    This is Amboise.
  11. ...and Italy.
    I don't know how to go to Europe without visiting one of them.
  12. My favorite author is Tom Robbins.
    I have love, love, loved his writing since I was 15. When I finally met him last year, all I could think to say to him was, "I really like your books". Even this picture is terrible.
  13. I was 4 when I had my first crush.
    He was in my ski school class. We both had balloons attached to our backs. He fell down a lot, and I waited for him.
  14. I read The Outsiders about 100 times in elementary school.
  15. And watched Red Dawn about 150 times.
    Basically, if there were hot boys involved, you could sign me up.
  16. Every good feeling I've ever had about you will be forgotten if you chew with your mouth open.
  17. I recently turned 40, which is pretty amazing and terrible.
    I admire the people who seem completely unfazed by it.
  18. I've been subconsciously preparing for my first comedy routine, novel, and Jeopardy appearance my whole life.
  19. I'm on because I love any excuse to make lists, waste time, peek into other people's brains, and admire how funny some of them are.
  20. I'm also on Instagram as @juliefromabove.