If you believe there are souls in purgatory, or that souls in purgatory actually have a connection to the contents of this box, my apologies.
  1. Recently spotted by my friend in NYC.
  2. She wondered, "If I put money in here, will it go to the souls in purgatory?"
  3. I wondered...
  4. Are there souls trapped in that box?
    Is the box itself for the souls in purgatory?!
  5. How is it possible that the contents of this box help souls in purgatory?
  6. Who has the key to this thing?
  7. Is there anything that we could put in this box that might be more practical than money?
    I have a few ideas, please feel free to add your own:
  8. Porn mags
  9. A note that says, "Not much longer. Chin up!"
  10. Take and bake pizza.
  11. A letter that says, "Please give to Joey. I know that goddamned asshole is down there."
  12. An O magazine