Can someone please explain this to me.
  1. I was backing up out of my parking spot and hit a car that was driving by.
    My fault. Didn't see it coming.
  2. The woman got out of her brand new Jeep and was hysterical. She was yelling at me, saying, "What the hell is wrong with you?!"
    Crazy, hysterical people are fun!
  3. I went to get my license and insurance while she freaked out.
    "My new car! Oh my god! Look what you did to my new car! What am I going to do?! Oh my god!!!"
  4. She said she had to go, so we didn't call the cops.
  5. I said we should exchange information.
    She told me she couldn't get to hers because I smashed in her passenger side door. I suggested she might go through one of the other three doors....
  6. I took a picture of her license.
    Her name is Michael (?). But it matched her face and seemed valid otherwise.
  7. I took a picture of her insurance card.
    Everything on her card matched her ID and car info. Nothing amiss.
  8. I asked her if she wanted to take a picture of mine.
    She said "no" as though I had asked a stupid and insulting question. Mmmmkay.
  9. I got her phone number.
    Asked her if she wanted mine. She again said "no". Mmmmkay.
  10. I took pictures of damage on both cars.
  11. She left.
  12. I got online with the state patrol and filed an accident report.
    On myself.
  13. I called my insurance and told them about it.
    Covering my ass.
  14. My insurance agent said that they tried to contact this woman.
    But the phone number the woman gave me was bogus.
  15. To this day, the woman hasn't contacted either of our insurance companies to file a claim.
  16. To this day, I've heard nothing in regard to my filed accident report.
  17. Currently waiting for the other shoe to drop....