And, at this point, I guess I probably never will.
  1. Making a wish when I blow a loose eyelash from my finger.
  2. Peeling the crust off of my sandwich and throwing it away.
    I don't care if "that's where all of the nutrition is".
  3. Reading the menu from back to front.
  4. Getting the old "We're the Care Bears" song stuck in my head at least once a week. (A song that up until 10 minutes ago, I hadn't heard since I was about 9 years old).
  5. Getting upset that everyone in my family thinks my younger sister is SO great.
    I'm really great too, ya know.
  6. Giggling every time someone says "duty".
    ...and then repeating the word back to them.
  7. Putting too much butter on my toast if no one is looking.
  8. Leaving a little mess I made if I know the clean-up fairy will take care of it for me.
  9. Wanting really bad to buy a candy bar near the cash register but not doing it.
    Because Mom would never let me so I never let me? I dunno.