Inspired by @playcait
  1. January: went to Vegas for work and saw Jersey Boys
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  2. February: was pretty proud of myself for having lost 30 pounds and posted a before and after💪🏻
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  3. March: got to hang out with one of my nieces who came to visit. Loved every moment!
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  4. April: got a day visit with my stepson who was away at school. Really nice day
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  5. May: my husband and I work together and got to wear matching shirts for a promotion. Pretty special day
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  6. June: My 35th birthday....lots of beer
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  7. July: throw back pic of me with my entire family. That's me in the far left. And my twin (YES TWIN) brother is the second from the right. Notice the height difference.
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  8. August: we live near the Gallatin River in Montana. We went and skipped rocks. Well, @jaredleekeil skipped rocks and I threw them into the river.
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  9. September: In celebration of @thepaja and @jaredleekeil turning 37 within a day of each other, we got together as couples and went hiking....and planking. My friend Bri is about 6' tall and I'm 6'2" so this photo was taken from far away 😂😂
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  10. October: @jaredleekeil and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary (I'm older than everyone using The List App) by going to dinner. Also, to my credit, I washed, dried & curled my hair, shaved my legs and wore a dress. Pretty big damn deal.
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  11. November: a selfie of me with earbuds in trying to get some musical inspiration for Nanowrimo (which I "won" by completion!)
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  12. December: I was invited to a friend's work Christmas party (thanks @thepaja ) and proceeded to get drunk and put Stella Artois labels on Mike's Hard Lemonade bottles. I then tried to hand them out to hardened construction workers who saw past my bullshit and then I laughed and laughed and laughed. I will not be invited to more of his work parties
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