@dustinboone you didn't specifically request this list, but this list is specifically for you 😘
  1. When I was 19, my mom saw an ad in the newspaper here in Bozeman, MT for a position as a full-time nanny.
  2. I was working at the time at Target with my husband. We were not dating or married at the time. But it should be known that we go way back. The year was 1999.
  3. I was going to college at Montana State University but I was in general studies and I had no idea what or who I wanted to be.
  4. I applied for the position to be a nanny.
  5. I met the mom and her name was Kelly. She was married to an executive who was the CEO of a gaming company based in Bozeman.
  6. She had one son who was 2.5 years old. She was, at the time, pregnant with her second child.
  7. They had a condo in Bozeman, a home in Las Vegas, and a home in Atlanta.
  8. I met the boy and we got along great.
  9. The pay was $1000 a month ⁉️⁉️⁉️ and they wanted me to do it. I had little to no experience dealing with children. 😳
  10. I couldn't think of anything better to do so I took the job. I wanted to travel!!
  11. They flew me to Las Vegas and I stayed there for two weeks.
  12. The nanny who I was replacing was there to help me get acclimated. She was super nice. I understood why she wanted to be done with the nanny gig.
  13. It turned out that Kelly was a raging Scientologist. Like probably was spending tens, if not hundreds of thousands to get through the levels.
  14. She had ways of dealing with trauma in her son's life and I had to follow. For instance; if he fell and hurt himself we had to recreate the incident. It was weird. I had NO idea what I was doing.
  15. When I put him to bed, I had to give him a pseudo-massage. I can't remember the name she called it. I think it was called touch-assist. It was something to do with Scientology.
  16. This job happened before I had a cell phone.
  17. One time, I was late hanging out with him at the park and made the old nanny late to a Scientology function. Kelly wasn't happy about it and went and bought me a watch.
  18. The old nanny and I went out on the town in Vegas. We got to go see Siegfried and Roy before the tiger incident. We went to Rum Jungle in the Mandalay Bay and I got served at both the show and the bar because I was wearing a VERY slutty little black dress. I looked GOOOOOOD.
  19. I stayed in Vegas for two weeks.
  20. Kelly had a day where another Scientologist came and performed a bunch of tests on the E-Meter.
  21. The dad was home maybe twice during my month of working for them. I remember he was in his office and my main function was to keep his son out of his office 😳
  22. We flew to Atlanta for two weeks.
  23. I went to movies by myself.
  24. I watched the boy basically all day every day. There would be small increments of time where Kelly would hang out with her son. She was usually around and I was having to be the parent. Keep in mind I was getting paid $250 a week to work constantly. Cash though 🤑🤑
  25. I got sick with a cold.
  26. I had a weird vibe.
  27. Kelly pulled me aside and told me that they had decided they weren't going to have a live-in nanny anymore. Pretty sure I got fired for being sick. I think Scientologists believe physical illness is a sign of mental weakness. Seriously.
  28. She flew me home either that day or the next day.
  29. She took me to the mall and let me pick some stuff out. I got a super cozy sweatshirt from Banana Republic, some clothes from Abercrombie & Fitch and some Clinique lipstick.
  30. I flew home and felt like a failure.
  31. It was the only job where I have ever been fired.
  32. I came home and saw that there was some shady shit with her husband and her company.
  33. I was happy it didn't work out. She was batshit crazy. Scientology is batshit crazy.
  34. I ran into her once in Bozeman. I Facebook stalked the kid I was a nanny for and it looks like he has already been in rehab for alcohol or drugs. Yikes.
  35. I googled her and it looks like she's divorced and still totally into Scientology!
  36. Plus....there exists on Google a picture of her and Priscilla Presley who I think is one of the Scientology deities? 😇😇