Inspired by @justjills
  1. Helped with various paper routes my brothers had. -- Colby, KS
    Early mornings + mega cold + scary dogs + reckless bicycle accidents + hole in elbow = not fun.
  2. Babysitter -- Colby, KS
    This was rare. Didn't really have a clientele. Just did it when I was asked.
  3. Bus Girl at Mexico Lindo -- McCook, NE
    My first "real" job when I was 15. The owner made us re-use (⁉️⁉️⁉️) the salsa (🚬🚬 cigarette butts meant you threw it away) to save money. They played current country hits every day (which is why I like to belt out Texas Tornado when I hear it). I was told once to "put it into second gear" by the waitress who knew my mom and got me the job. It will be known as the ONLY time I was ever told to hurry because I've made it my life's goal to be hella efficient/super fast at everything.
  4. Food Bar Queen at Bonanza -- McCook, NE
    I loved the fact that when I opened I got one trip around the food bar for FREE!! I hated re-filling the food bar. It meant standing in the refrigerator for sometimes up to an hour to get all of the cold food. It also meant getting steam burns from the hot food. But it is there that I found my love for stuffing and cottage cheese mixed together. One trip round the food bar meant mixing as much ish together as possible!!!
  5. Telemarketer at SITEL -- McCook, NE
    Worst. Job. Ever. I HATED calling people and trying to sell them shit I didn't believe in. I only worked there because it paid better than Bonanza and I needed mad cash for an upcoming year as an exchange student in Sweden. I loved when people would hang up on me because it meant I didn't have to bother them anymore!!!
  6. Year hiatus due to being a Rotary Exchange Student.
    Unless you count the night I helped to babysit and racked in maybe 10 bucks.
  7. Cashier/sandwich maker at Wheat Montana. -- Three Forks, MT
    My first Montana job and my first job after I came back to the US. I had a blast working here and loved the people I worked with. Job lasted a couple of months before I moved on campus at Montana State University.
  8. Women's Room Attendant/sometime cashier at Target -- Bozeman, MT
    I worked this job when I was attending college for the one semester in 1999. Target was just opening in Bozeman, MT and I was in the first crew of workers. We had to set up the store! Didn't enjoy working there so much, but liked the 10% discount, some of the people and still LOVE to shop there! Actually met (but did not date) my husband there!
  9. Nanny for a Scientologist -- Las Vegas & Atlanta
    The lady who hired me was a Scientologist. She didn't work, but her husband was the CEO of some gaming company (casino machines). She was pregnant with child #2 and I was hired to take care of her 2 year old. They had a condo in Bozeman, a house in ATL and one in Vegas. I spent two weeks in Vegas and two in ATL. I got to see Siegfried and Roy before one of them got eaten by a tiger. Scientology is insane. So was she. She fired me for getting a cold. Seriously. Job lasted one month.
  10. Night staff at a group home -- Kearney, NE
    Went to Nebraska to see some family and ended up living there for a few months. My brother and his wife worked at this group home and got me the job. I was able to kind of do whatever to kill time (watch movies, read, etc) and for that reason it was cool. I had a rough time living in Nebraska and moved back to Montana which I had already decided was home to me.
  11. Waitress at a local cafe -- Manhattan, MT
    I sucked so hard at this job. There were a lot of old-timers who would hit on me. Job didn't last long before the owner stopped staying open for dinner (my shift)
  12. Head Cashier at the food court at the Strand Union Building (SUB) at Montana State. -- Bozeman, MT
    LOVED this job. Not perfect but lots of fun. Got free food, met tons of awesome people, got paid super shitty, crushed on so many hot guys, was the fastest cashier ever. This was my first "long-term" full-time job and I worked there for 2.5 years. I got some cool classes paid for and partied a ton with friends I met from this job. I was known around campus and downtown as "the girl from the SUB." 😃
  13. Customer Service Rep at Yellowstone Jetcenter -- Belgrade, Montana (Bozeman airport)
    Worked at a local FBO (place where private jets fly in and out of) for about 2.5 years. Loved this job, too. I worked nights and weekends with some of the most awesome people. Got to fly in a few private jets. Got to meet some famous people. Realized that more money = more probbies. Had Ted Turner hit on me. Solid job.
  14. Showroom Manager for a plumbing wholesaler -- Bozeman, MT
    Still work for this company. Debated about whether or not it would be worth it to work here. Started this job just over a week after I got married (10+ years ago). Began as assistant. My manager quit and I was promoted to Showroom Manager. Moved into a new location. No longer have a showroom, but my sales have increased a ton because I'm good at my job. My husband works for the same company. Struggling to have a decent attitude and find my passion in what I do. Hoping for a better year!!