I missed it, you guys!
  1. Shitty
  2. Like, I would have definitely participated
  3. But I joined TLA on 12/7
  4. And the deadline was 12/1
  5. All of these seemingly super cool people are posting about some super thoughtful gifts
    And meanwhile, I went down the Amazon Wish List my husband posted and just clicked and clicked and clicked. I feel bad....is this what happens when you've been married for 10 years? 😳
  6. And I didn't get to be a part of it
  7. I'm not mad
  8. I just missed out
  9. So next year, @ChrisK should do it again
  10. Which means I have some time to come up with a super awesome gift
  11. For a stranger
  12. On social media
  13. Which is normal, because by then it will be 2016
  14. And I'll be 36
  15. Holy hell, I'm old!