Growing up, my four siblings and I were subjected to being a part of the Good News Crew and my dad played the part of Patch the Pirate. Thanks @jennifergster for requesting this!!!
  1. There was a "real" Patch the Pirate out there in the world. Seriously. My dad was not the real one.
  2. My dad played the part of "Patch the Pirate." The real one published a bunch of songs. We sang these songs and then some during our performances.
  3. My mother and her friend, Linda, spent hours making velvet curtains for our puppet stage that was made out of PVC pipe and fittings. I feel like they spent weeks on this shit.
    Which is kind of hilarious because I now work for a plumbing wholesaler and we sell PVC.
  4. We purchased multiple puppets. These were NOT the puppets one finds at a toy store. They were special-ordered legitimate puppets that cost a fortune.
  5. We learned how to assemble and disassemble the three-tiered puppet stage. And by "we" I mean my dad and three brothers.
  6. We learned how to operate puppets. Lots of training. It's not as easy as it seems (seriously)
  7. We practice, practice, practiced all of the songs to sing and perform our puppetry to. My mom played the piano and my dad led the whole shebang.
  8. My parents were part of the Child Evangelical Fellowship (CEF) and we got gigs going to different churches to perform our act. It seemed like we were at a different church every single week. My father was also an ordained minister in the Berean church. He married my husband and me.
  9. My arm would get super tired holding my puppet and performing. I got very good at switching to my left hand during a performance.
  10. My parents (mostly my dad) would berate me about being shy. He would tell me I had to "look people in the eye." I was beyond introverted and so so shy. It was very hard for me to meet so many people. I hated when people would look at me.
  11. It was terrifying for me to have to perform in front of strangers so many Sundays.
  12. And then we would inevitably be invited to a stranger's house for a meal. And I would have to socialize. It felt like torture.
  13. Did I mention that we all had to wear pirate hats? And my dad wore a patch over one of his eyes?
  14. Ugh, I would say 87% of my dysfunctional tendencies come from being a part of the Good News Crew.
  15. I can still sing some of the songs we would sing in front of people.
  16. Somewhere in this life, there is video evidence of my childhood participation in this puppet gang.
  17. I have no idea where.
  18. It's embarrassing.
  19. My husband thinks this my past life as a puppeteer is amazing.
  20. I think it's weird.