Or, alternatively, in order of most sober to least sober
  1. Totally sober and makeup free. This is my dog Lily the Lhasa Apso (who is literally the best dog in the universe!)
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  2. Me and my husband. At this point I was fairly sober, but not completely.
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  3. Me and my stepson and a hairless cat. My brother-in-law has two. Same sobriety level as ⬆️
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  4. Me and my husband again. Sobriety level was ⬆️ plus two glasses of whiskey
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  5. Me wearing my stepson's awesome new glasses. They look way cooler on him.
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  6. Hairless cat #2.....ew. I'm a dog lover. Cats can't be trusted.
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  7. And apparently that was the last selfie of the night. It felt like there should have been more 😂😂🎅🏼🎅🏼