Seriously.....so dumb
  1. Tablescape
    Bitch, you're lucky I set out my nice Target dishes from 10+ years ago and a paper towel from Costco.
  2. Bae
    I genuinely thought this was short for babe or baby. It's not. Still....so stupid. You know who I put before anyone else? Me. So what if I'm selfish? Suck it.
  3. LOL
    Never been a fan. Won't use it. I prefer to text "Hahahaha."
  4. Bazinga
    No clue what this means but I know it's from Big Bang Theory which is a show that looks so, so dumb. I just can't with this word or that show.
  5. Thigh gap
    Fucking not happening and misogynistic men need to calm it down with thinking this is sexy. I'm down for aiming for some dope thigh muscles, though.
  6. Instagram model
    Seriously?? Is this a thing?? If so, my dog Lily is my favorite Instagram model. She's the shit.
  7. It is what it is
    Just say what you're thinking....it's not worth trying to make it better or different. (i.e. "The gender wage gap; it is what it is!")
  8. Donald Trump
    Or any of the political candidates for that matter. 😖. We are all so, so screwed.
  9. Kardashian
    Why do we all know who they are? Why do we care? Why did Kanye get Kim 150 Christmas presents? Also.....what happened to you, Kylie?? Why did your momma let you butcher your face? The Kardashians (I'm 99% sure) were prophesied about as part of the impending second coming of Christ.
  10. Wow
    Only because my dad ruined this word for me. When he comments on an Instagram post or text that honestly doesn't justify a "wow," he says it. It drives me nuts. And it's always WOW. 😳😳😳 nope, dad. Please stop using your smartphone that I convinced you to get. 🙄
  11. I'm sure there are more, but this is it for now. Feel free to add your suggestions!!
  12. Cupcakery
    A local bakery calls itself a "cupcakery" and they use the word like 8 times in a 30-second radio ad. It's not a word!! Stop trying to make it happen!!
    Suggested by   @jhope71
  13. Shipping
    Suggested by   @lyssa580
  14. Totes adorbs
    Suggested by   @BWN_7
  15. Moist
    Suggested by   @jaredleekeil