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If I'm only going to post a few times this year, might as well have a summation one
  1. January
    New Years celebration with my best friend ❤️
  2. February
    It was a leap year this year and you better believe I celebrated Leap Day with a little Leap Dave Williams and wearing my blue and yellow pride
  3. March (obviously)
    This marks the first month of my (so far unended) streak of workouts - at least three workouts a week every month since then
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I am the last of my friends to have a flip phone. Soon I will be getting a smartphone and out of nostalgia, I decided to look through my old pictures and videos on my phone. Each video is recorded off a tv or computer monitor - they clearly are from a different time...
  1. The Steak and Eggs song from Family Guy
    Recorded off a YouTube video
  2. Five hockey videos, including Kris Versteeg rapping both Fergie's Glamorous and LMFAO's Yes
  3. My favorite scene in all of 30 Rock where Jack calls Jonathan while in church and talks to him in the form of the Our Father
    "Our Father, who art in the office, hallowed be the reservation..."
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  1. A bunch of balloons that are inflated to the point of practically bursting
  2. That's it. You have this, I will stay the hell away.
    Side story: In high school when people would decorate the hallways for Homecoming I would go completely out of my way to avoid the halls with balloons, I got real nervous and sweaty during that week.
This man, Sebastian Stan
  1. Ugh
  2. Just
  3. Stop
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Been waiting a long time to post this one, happy birthday to all my twins :)
  1. 1.
    Kris Versteeg
    My absolute favorite hockey player, and that decision was made before I even knew we shared our birthday ❤️😍
  2. 2.
    Stephen Colbert
    He is hilarious and it makes me so happy that we share this bond
  3. 3.
    PK Subban
    Another cool hockey player
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Some, not all, of the playlists that I have created on my iPod. I make a new playlist about every month - I have a problem.
  1. Albums I've Been Obsessed With
    Consisting of all the full albums I have gone through phases playing on repeat at one time or another
  2. Christmas
  3. Christmas (favs)
    An important distinction
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My recent obsession. I just love the characters!
  1. Mike and Johnny
    These two! Johnny just brings out the fun in Mike and I love it.
  2. Jakes and Johnny
    I love these two. They go through so many ups and downs, but they seriously love each other. Even in the end, it broke Johnny's heart to see Jakes leave and you could tell it broke Jakes's heart as well.
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❤️😍❤️ If you have never seen Graceland, this will make you want to start watching now
  1. Season 1: Innocent baby
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Last @sarahdessen list and it's my favorite book by far!
  1. This was my first book by her I read and I just FELL IN LOVE
    I read it in like 3 days
  2. Wes ❤️❤️❤️
    My favorite guy from any Sarah Dessen book, hands down!
  3. Wish Catering
    So much chaos, I love it!
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  1. The random way Remy met Dexter
    I just thought this was so cute
  2. Dexter ❤️
    So quirky and fun
  3. All of the challenges
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