Most of the ones in the middle could be in any order, I'm pretty ambivalent to those random teams.
  1. Chicago Blackhawks
    If you know me, this is obvious #BlackAndRedTilImDead
  2. Montreal Canadiens
    Gotta love those Canadian Original 6 teams and sick jerseys
  3. Toronto Maple Leafs
    See above
  4. Dallas Stars
    Ever since they got Seguin and those nice green jerseys I've been a fan. Also, Jamie Benn and Patrick Sharp.
  5. Winnipeg Jets
    Loved them ever since they moved from Atlanta to Winnipeg, but they're down a little because I saw a bad Hawks loss to them at the UC once.
  6. New York Rangers
    Original 6
  7. Carolina Hurricanes
    Pretty ambivalent, but they got Kris Versteeg so that gives them some points
  8. Edmonton Oilers
    Canadian team that I have no hate for
  9. Ottawa Senators
    See above
  10. New York Islanders
    Nick Leddy
  11. Columbus Blue Jackets
    Used to be pretty ambivalent, but when that chant "CBJ!" caught on they moved up a bit
  12. Calgary Flames
    Canadian team I don't hate, but Hawk play them a lot so they're down a bit
  13. Buffalo Sabres
  14. New Jersey Devils
    This is how "eh" I am about this team: when composing this list, the Devils was the last team I added because I forgot about them
  15. Tampa Bay Lightning
  16. Florida Panthers
  17. Philadelphia Flyers
    Don't like them, but my favorite team I was on when I was a kid was named the Flyers so they have a small place in my heart
  18. Minnesota Wild
    Terrible jerseys
  19. Anaheim Ducks
    Saving grace: Ducks Fly Together
  20. St. Louis Blues
    Used to hate them more but they are not as bad as they used to be
  21. Colorado Avalanche
    They always break the Hawks's streaks (sometimes when I'm at the game)
  22. Arizona Coyotes
    That damn howl!
  23. San Jose Sharks
    Nothing specific, just dislike
  24. Los Angeles Kings
  25. Pittsburgh Penguins
  26. Boston Bruins
    When they lost Seguin, they lost my vote. Too many people to dislike on one team.
  27. Nashville Predators
    Please no! Also, those awful jerseys don't help their case.
  28. Detroit Redwings
    Detroit Sucks!
  29. Vancouver Canucks
    Bunch of goons
  30. Washington Capitals
    My least favorite team hands down! Ovie = 😖