He is seriously the best! I will probably add to this list as I remember more awesome things.
  1. His nickname: Winnie the Bish
  2. His singing and taking his pants off whenever he does puzzles
    🎶Im about to do some puzzles!🎶
  3. His absolute love for his cat, Ferguson
    He didn't even realize he was on a date when he was trying to get Ferguson a date!
  4. His inability to find the middle ground when pranking - the pranking sweet spot
    (Finds the teacher asleep at her desk) "We should spill a little juice by her shoe" "We should hit her in the face with a ski!"
  5. His passionate singing of the Wicked soundtrack when he thought he was alone in his car
  6. His marathoning of everything pop culture when he returned from Latvia
  7. His complete innocence/oblivious-ness
    This one basically sums up all the other great moments that I can't specifically remember right now.
  8. His kind eyes