I don't wanna go back to work
  1. One Tree Hill marathoning with my best friend
    This is my first time watching this show and I am super addicted. We watched one and a half seasons in two sleepovers.
  2. Lots of coloring
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    ❤️ adult coloring books
  3. Building a gingerbread train with my best friend
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    Using a hot glue gun was the best decision ever
  4. Lots of games with my family
    Including, but not limited to: Wizard, 31, You Blew It, Machi Koro, and Marbles
  5. Lots of Calcudoku puzzles
  6. The Office marathoning with my dad
  7. Reading, reading, reading
  8. Spending time with friends from college that I have not seen in a long time
  9. Star Wars with my family
  10. Sleeping in