It is important to note that I have never cleaned this drawer. Until now it was a place where I threw important papers (the word "important" is up to interpretation based on my age at the time). This is not a complete list because that would take hours to catalog.
  1. Many important papers like doctor bills and bank statements
    Understandably important
  2. My list of driver's ed hours and my letter saying that I passed my driver's ed class
    Also, a list from the Secretary of State explaining how to get my drivers license. This too is somewhat understandably important.
  3. About 30 different letters from friends in college
    When we would write to each other instead of posting on Facebook because getting real mail is just about the best thing in the world
  4. This sticker for my original iPod that my dad thought would be cool
    Yea Dad, I definitely want my name all over my iPod, so cool.
  5. This appropriately titled drawing of my shoe
    Signature included of course
  6. Along those lines, many many MANY old drawing and colorings from my childhood
    All with signatures, all embarrassing
  7. This booklet from Olive Garden that they give you to color while waiting for your food
    I was very proud of my art skills
  8. Some books that I felt were important, most notably this Pokemon book
  9. And last but not least, about 15 copies of this
    And I'm saving every single one