I literally got my iPod TO PLAY MUSIC and the music app just seems to be getting worse! These are the basic things it doesn't do that I think it should be able to do.
  1. Remember where I left off in a shuffle when I quit out of the app.
    This is crucial!! When I am in the middle of my playlist and I don't finish it, I want to be able to go pick up where I left off without having to keep the app open 24/7. The old version of the app did this so why did it have to change?!
  2. Tell me the song number.
    Again, something the old app could do that they got rid of: telling me I am in song 4 of 32 or whatever it may be.
  3. Be able to pick up where you left off in a playlist after listening to another playlist.
    This one is a dream of mine and kinda similar to the fist one in the list. I want to be able to listen to my "New Songs" playlist halfway, then listen to my "Workout 11" playlist, and then be able to go back to my "New Songs" playlist and have my iPod ask me "would you like to continue or start over?". Ah, the dream...