Shows that were so good I had to watch them all the way through again. Thank you Netflix!
  1. LOST
    My all-time favorite show. I actually don't need to give credit to Netflix on this one because I am fortunate enough to own the full series box set :)
  2. House
    House & Wilson ❤️ This one took me about one summer
  3. Parenthood
    Re-watched this one after the show ended recently
  4. Parks and Recreation
    Will never not be funny. Ended up starting the binge on Galentine's Day one year and just never stopped.
  5. The Office
    Haven't finished fully re-watching this one yet - work in progress
  6. Gilmore Girls
    Re-watched this one scarily fast as soon as it was put up on Netflix
  7. Psych
    Shawn & Gus ❤️
  8. Grounded for Life
    A throwback to my childhood
  9. Heroes
    Cancelled too soon for me
  10. Graceland
    Watched the whole series rather quickly and had a hole in my heart when it was over, so I just rewatched it right after (excellent decision if I do say so myself).
  11. Scrubs
    The first time I watched this show it was my freshman year in college and it was my first time with high speed internet. I wanted to watch something online and I went with Scrubs because it was on YouTube and that was the extent of my online show watching skills. Rewatching gave me many nostalgic feels.