The first in my series of lists explaining why I love @sarahdessen and her books
  1. Sydney's friendship with Layla
    I just love it! They grow so close so soon and Layla really cares for Sydney
  2. Layla's ketchup recipe
    I always love the little quirky things about the characters, and in the case of this book, it's Layla's ketchup obsession
  3. How Sydney became like a part of the family with Layla and Mac's family
  4. Eric and his obsession with the band
    I always love the supporting characters and their goofiness :)
  5. Favorite quotes:
  6. “You only really fall apart in front of the people you know can piece you back together.”
  7. “I would have loved to know how it felt, just once, to have something fall apart and see options instead of endings.”
    Love love love this quote!! Options instead of endings