1. When I thought my mother-in-law liked me.
  2. When I thought my dad had 12-18 months to live. (Off by 11-17).
  3. When I thought I could escape from the hospital prior to having my tonsils removed. (I was 4 and thought I actually had a say in what happened to me.)
  4. When I thought I could eat as much cheese as I wanted with suffering in any way.
  5. When I thought I would be murdered at the Oakland Airport on January 2nd. Instead, I met a stranger and 10 months later we said "I do."
  6. When I thought my grandparents were getting me a car for my birthday and instead they showed up with an antique sewing machine so I could make my own clothes.
  7. When I fell off my bike and cracked my chin open and thought I could run all the way home without passing out from loss of blood.
  8. When I named my childhood cat Sweetie. He was not.