Because sometimes I get melancholy about how little I've done, I need to celebrate what I have.
  1. Unexpected gifts from internet friends.
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  2. Intentions of perfection ruined early--a blessing
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  3. Blizzard in Chicago.
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  4. Supportive friends!
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  5. Green 👍
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  6. Spontaneous laser light shows.
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  7. 🙌🏻👑
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  8. Going west to Albuquerque!
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  9. Some SF sunburns are just worth it.
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  10. We watched my brother get married.
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  11. Peak summer-ing. 🍉
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  12. Starting the semester with a concert with a friend.
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  13. We went down slides.
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  14. I nailed an early-morning Hitch silhouette. 🕵
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  15. We saw Beach House at the Ryman.
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  16. And I felt pretty.
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  17. I planned a conference! There were sharks. I did not plan those.
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  18. I met Roxane Gay! 👑
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  19. I grew things!
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  20. And more things!
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  21. We ate pho! 🍜
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  22. I became Danzig 🤘🏻⚡️
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  23. I read amazing books 📚
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  24. I came face to face with goddesses. 🙌🏻👑🙌🏻👑🙌🏻🙌🏻
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  25. GULP
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  26. I met some amazing ladies at a year end party 😻 @beingholli
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  27. I found my light 🔦
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  28. I celebrated with family 🎄
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