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Cooking is a chore for me, and I'm terrible at it. I would rather wash dishes.
  1. Short attention span.
    I read a step in the recipe, then get distracted by ... anything.
  2. Photos required.
    What the hell is julienne? Show me what it looks like. Don't make me Google it. (See #1)
  3. One ingredient can cost more than a meal.
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Women - past and present: kicking ass, intelligent, witty, with stories, stories, stories. FABULOUS group of gals to shares pints and shots.
  1. Amanda Fucking Palmer
  2. Annie Oakley
  3. Elizabeth Warren
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It's just so damn cheerful, although it has the potential of being overwhelming, like staring into the sun too long.
  1. Lemons.
  2. Fiesta mixing bowls
    I have my grandmother's complete set, and frequently use the yellow one for potlucks. Perks up any table.
  3. Hanging file folders
    Opening file drawers of tax documents and other unpleasant papers is a little less unpleasant when welcomed with a cheerful yellow.
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When autos had style
  1. Car vases
    If the road is your home or just because.
  2. Running board.
    Gangsters with Tommy guns protecting liquid loot.
  3. Wide white walls
    Yes, they're a pain to keep clean, but sure are pretty.
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