Although the movie wasn't that great, a few of the actors really impressed me (in no specific order)
  1. Jason Ritter
    I only knew him as Mark Cyr in Parenthood and Hilary Duff's dead brother in Raise Your Voice, both roles that were pretty ordinary (and honestly kinda lame.) It was nice to see him play such a layered, neurotic character - a character which I could relate to - with such honesty. Not to mention his sweet blue puppy dog eyes really captured me 🐶
  2. Aubrey Plaza
    I've obviously seen her in Parks & Rec and The To-Do List (and Safety Not Guaranteed, although I don't remember much from that movie) but never in a role this emotional. This isn't to say that April Ludgate wasn't caring and vulnerable in her own ways, but we only ever got subtle glimpses into her heart. We get to see this character feeling openly worried, hurt, angry; it's a more dramatic role and also a more relatable role in which Aubrey really shines IMO
  3. Max Greenfield
    I've only ever seen him as Schmidt in New Girl who was such a goofy, likable character. (I haven't had a chance to see him in AHS yet.) I could never really imagine him playing someone super unlikable, but he plays this pretentious dickhead so well. That's not to say that the character doesn't have his redeemable qualities, but that's beside the point. His beard is also v impressive 💯