My favorite things about being a chubster 😊
  1. Warmth in the winter
  2. "Big cannonball splashes in the summer"
    This was a line said by Tamra on the Mindy Project
  3. More cushion for when you fall
  4. Ability to rest laundry basket comfortably on love handles
  5. The term "love handles"
    So cutesy 💕
  6. The alternate term "muffin top"
    Muffins are yummy as hell 😋
  7. Harder to kidnap
    Suggested by @estherlimtf
  8. More layers for a knife to go through if stabbed
  9. More layers for a bullet to go through if shot
  10. More momentum to debilitate attacker
  11. Better celebrities/characters to dress up as for Halloween
    Chris Farley, the purple McDonald's monster, Fat Albert, any Melissa McCarthy character (i.e. Melissa McCarthy as Chris Farley as Matt Foley), the Truffle Shuffle kid from Goonies, Eric Cartman, the kid from Up (if you're Asian), Tracy Turnblad, Patrick Star, the possibilities are endless!!
  12. Squishing your belly into different faces
    You can even make them talk if you wanna!!
  13. More layers to protect your heart from mean insults
  14. In some cases, an enlarged heart
    To hold more love!!
  15. More to hold onto 😏
    Suggested by @element75
  16. More places for your lover to smooch you 😘
    arguably the same as...
  17. More to love 💖💞💘💕💗💓💝