1. I have yet to hear if my secret Santa recipient has received her package 😕
  2. I worry I didn't write the Canadian address correctly and it was returned to sender
  3. But I sent it from my school address so if it was returned to sender its probably just sitting up in the mail room
  4. My school is 4 hours away
  5. I don't go back until January 8th
  6. I don't want my recipient to think I flaked!!
  7. I wanna be an A+ secret Santa!!
  8. Maybe she got the package but she didn't like her gift 😅
  9. Or maybe she just hasn't had a chance/didn't want to post about it
  10. Or maybe she wrote me a letter back and it's waiting in the mailroom
  11. If my recipient reads this and you have gotten your gift, let me know!
  12. If you received the package after Christmas and are now reading this list, I'm terribly sorry my package didn't arrive in time for the holidays!!
  13. I hope you still enjoy your gifts, although they are probably late
  14. Happy holidays anyway 🎅🏼❤️