1. Commakus pancakus
    Conjures a stack of pancakes
  2. Badhairdayicus disappearus
    Eliminates bad hair
  3. Stop all the racket, I'll wear a jacket
    Zaps on a jacket
  4. Cashmerus appearus
    Zaps on a sweater
  5. Satisfy my empty belly, make me a peanut butter & jelly
    Turns a person into a pb&j sandwich
  6. Cambia corporum mea corpora sua nominavi
    Body switching spell
  7. Argyle, bobby, tube, knee high, into socks, turn this guy
    Turns a person into socks
  8. Soap on a rope, soap fell off the rope, rope shot out of my hand, rope tie up that man
    Ties a man up with rope
  9. Piggly wiggly, get into the jiggly
    Traps a person in jello
  10. Literarium Tararium
    Puts a person into a book
  11. Help me travel on my own, I need to get there through this phone
    Teleports you through the phone
  12. What he did
    Repeats the spell last used by the person in the spells context
  13. Hairbrainium Schemechangium
    Swaps two peoples hair
  14. My inner thoughts of right and wrong, come out, come out where you belong
    Brings your conscience to life
  15. Gnip-gnop, hippity-hop, run 26.2 miles then stop
    Gives you the ability to run a marathon
  16. Chocolatoria Allthetimea
    Allows you to conjure chocolate
  17. Top-hatticus-lop-earitus
    Conjures a rabbit out of a hat
  18. Brain, brain, go away, back before the college days
    Erases all memory of college
  19. Transformius Skateboardius
    Puts you on a skateboard
  20. Zippetus-yer-trapitus
    Shuts a person up
  21. What I need now is the opposite of clean, make me a girl without hygiene
    Makes you filthy, effective in driving people away
  22. Scrubby dubby, get into the tubby
    Turns a person into a washing machine
  23. Fruity patootie
    Turns a person into talking fruit
  24. Gilesjay timesday
    Freezes time for as long as the caster can hop on one foot
  25. From your chin to your toes, an elephant trunk grows
    Turns a persons nose into an elephant trunk
  26. Posters, posters on the wall, now it's time to tell us all
    Makes posters talk
  27. Take this girl with the skills of a bench, and turn her into a serving wench
    Gives a person waitress skills
  28. Take away all meat and add some snazz, turn this noise into smooth jazz
    Turns rock music into smooth jazz
  29. Key largo, key West, keychain
    Turns something into a keychain
  30. I'm old enough to hang with actress/model/spokeswoman Ruby Donahue, so get me into Night of the Halloween Sorority Party Disaster 2
    Teleports you into the movie Night of the Halloween Sorority Party Disaster 2