For a grand total of $3!!!!!
  1. Live From New York
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    A must have
  2. Woody Allen's Angst
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    My roommate found this one and called it a "very Julie book" and I felt a bit offended but still intrigued
  3. The Superior Person's Book of Words
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    The most delightfully pretentious book I've ever owned
  4. ft. a nice inscription from Lisa to Liz
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  5. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
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    Another must
  6. ft. an inscription from Hamlet
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    Pretentious enough for ya??
  7. Lies My Parents Told Me
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    Funny and interesting
  8. This strange comic strip
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  9. ft. cute personalized Heidi stamps
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  10. More of the Straight Dope
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    I'm unsure about this one
  11. Sum: Forty Tales From the Afterlives
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    Written by a neuroscientist
  12. Funk & Wagnalls
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    Crossword puzzles y'all
  13. Support your local libraries!
  14. Go to a used book sale!!
  15. I guarantee you'll find some gems ❤️