My very first finals week is upon me, and instead of studying, I made this list
  1. ENG 231: Intro to Creative Writing
    Such a fun professor, and my classmates were so nice. We wrote drafts of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, then we workshopped them together. It was stressful at times, and I didn't write anything worth a shit this semester, but it's still been great
  2. MUS 106: Music of World Cultures
    Interesting class. Super nice, funny professor. We basically listened to music and discussed different cultures. It was the earliest class I had this semester, but I enjoyed it, so getting up and going didn't suck so bad
  3. TAR 102: Race, Gender, and Theatre
    I had this class with a bunch of rude theatre majors, but I still liked it. We essentially read plays and discussed the racial/gender stereotypes in them. My professor was really quirky and funny but also hella intimidating
  4. UNV 101: Orientation to College & Beyond
    I was told this class would help me transition to college, but it was basically a huge waste of time. So boring. Nice professor though, we called him Chip
  5. GLY 225: Prehistoric Life
    Nice professor, and the content was interesting, but there was just so much of it, a lot of which I didn't understand. I've never been a science person