I'm actually great with punctuation when it comes to academia, but social media is more about the #aesthetic, I follow me on Twitter for more relatable teen posts @julieuhls
  1. I never use end punctuation unless it's exclamz or question marks
  2. When I use exclamz, I almost always use two!!
  3. But sometimes more
  4. Strong believer in (proper) comma usage
  5. Excessive ellipses are also a fav
  6. Question marks vary from not all that incredulous...
  7. somewhat incredulous...
  8. increasingly incredulous...
  9. hella incredulous!!
  10. Sometimes I'm not feeling incredulous at all about a question
  11. I also often use question marks when I'm not even really asking a question and I'm simply feeling incredulous
  12. Colons are useful (both punctuation and health-wise)
  13. Parentheses are also cool!!
  14. I sometimes even use emojis as punctuation (well, for emphasis)
  15. In conclusion, punctuation is like a helpful friend who I manipulate for the sake of aesthetic and humor
  16. Thanks, punctuation!! 😘👍🏼