Inspired by @kellydehoop
  1. Troublemaker
    Grades K-4 spent a lot of time in the principals office/detention
  2. Punk/skater girl a la Avril Lavigne
    Grades 5-7, I joined band as a percussionist thinking it'd make me a cool punk rocker. I also listened to a lot of Paramore and dyed my hair jet black and wore neon green converse with ninja turtle laces
  3. Band geek
    8th grade I joined high school marching band playing sousaphone. I actually excelled and went on to do band all four years of high school but I was never as enthusiastic about it as I was in 8th grade
  4. Hipster/film critic/artist
    Freshman/sophomore year I was way into obscure bands and movies and art galleries and TOMS this was also the period when I told myself I could draw
  5. Casual stoner/hipster filth/writer
    Junior year I wore a lot of flannels and drove around the middle of nowhere and ransacked/smoked in abandoned houses with my two short skater girl friends. This was also when I started to take writing seriously
  6. Seemingly well-adjusted grown up
    Senior year. Did what I was supposed to do, bought school t-shirts, applied for scholarships, talked to people outside of my social circle. It was all an illusion, however, and I was actually scared shitless for the future
  7. Currently I would say my identity is strangely a mix between all of the above
  8. I guess that's probably what happens to everyone now that I think about it
  9. We're all just a big jumble of pieces of past versions of ourselves
  10. Looking for the right combination