1. Waking up before lunch
    I usually sleep well past 12 on weekends, but today I woke up around 10!
  2. Getting a phone call from my mom
    She told me about how she got a dress at Kohl's for 20 cents. Clearance rack queen!
  3. Doing homework early
    and at my desk for once!
  4. Taking out the trash
    It was really starting to pile up 😅
  5. Opening the blinds
    Sunlight is so superior to the fake af lights in my dorm ☀️
  6. Vacuuming the floors
    It's incredible how much hair accumulates in my dorm.
  7. Doing laundry
    Washed my sheets, towels, clothes, (stuffed animal), everything!
  8. Showering
    Our shower has been stuck on cold for about a week, but it finally got warm today 😍
  9. Organizing my calendar
    Thanksgiving break is a week from Tuesday!! 🦃💕
  10. Putting down my phone
    I didn't touch it for like 2 hours at one point, which is like a record for me!
  11. Reading a play
    Albeit a sad play (The Normal Heart), but still. Reading is cool!!
  12. No "screen time" as suburban moms call it
    I haven't watched anything today aside from some Ellen DeGeneres video on Facebook. I'm about to break this, but I think I deserve it after that hella productive day!!