Because school is cool!!
  1. Intro to Creative Writing
    We write works of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, then we workshop them as a class. Very supportive environment, lots of fun!
  2. Health Placement
    I don't know if this is my favourite or just the one class I'm taking this semester. 🤔
    Suggested by @kaitmaree
  3. AP United States History
    We geek out about history, and read a lot of revisionist historian points of view. Basically the one place where I can be all WOOO HISTORY!!
    Suggested by @mrush
  4. Criminal Procedure!
    The inner workings of the 4th, 5th and 6th amendments, Miranda warnings and coerced confessions. Law school is insanely interesting!
    Suggested by @hillaryweiss
  5. French/English Translation
    Native English speaker but I'm currently living in France to learn the language. This course has helped me realize SO MUCH nuance within the languages.
    Suggested by @emilypeterson
  6. Old Order Amish
    My first year writing seminar at a Christian college.
    Suggested by @hannah_rachel