aka photos of a bunch of silly people you don't know but who are the brightly colored fabric of my stretched out elastic heart
  1. Mall rats
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  2. Abigail ft. gigantic ice cream cone
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  3. Mid laugh with Melon
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  4. LOL @ MY FACE
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  5. Unnecessary negative space
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  6. Maddy patty
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  7. Snail and Quentin being qt pies
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  8. Snoozin' snail
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  9. Cackling at party city w/ Q
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  10. All smiles with Krista poo
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  11. Candid of me and Ollz
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  12. Selfie of me and Ollz
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  13. Unnecessary negative space w/ Cheyenne
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  14. Cheyenne and dill pickle chips and wind
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  15. Just sporty things
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  16. Growing up is weird
  17. I wish we had taken more photos this summer
  18. I'll be home Tuesday
  19. Love you boogers