1. Yesterday I started training at my new job
  2. It's at a market research company where we take surveys over the phone
  3. So basically a call center
  4. I've always hated talking on the phone
  5. But there'll be a computer screen in front of me telling me what to say
  6. And training so far has taught me what to do in a variety of different scenarios
  7. So it shouldn't be too bad
  8. Apparently people get a lot of interesting calls
  9. And most of my coworkers seem pretty cool
  10. My bosses also seem cool
  11. Tomorrow is my first day actually getting on the phone and calling real people
  12. I'm super nervous but also kind of ready to see how it goes
  13. Wish me luck please
  14. p.s. Sorry for not posting a lot lately!!
  15. Thanks for stickin around
  16. I'll keep ya posted ❤️