My birthday is on Tuesday, so my roommates and I went out to celebrate today!
  1. First we had brunch at Sugar n' Spice
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    I spilled water all over myself, but the food was so good I didn't even care!
  2. We tried to take a cute pic but failed.
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  3. The owner gave me this cute birthday duck!
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  4. Then we went to the Cincinnati Museum Center.
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    It usually costs like $20 a person, but this weekend was the 25th anniversary, so it was completely free!
  5. This resulted in a huge traffic jam, so we had to park several blocks away.
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    But the weather was nice, so we didn't mind walking!
  6. We saw this weird sign on the way.
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  7. The building was originally a bus terminal so the ceilings were super high and they had these cool murals.
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  8. My roommates are dweebs.
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  9. But so am I.
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  10. I really liked this photo in the history museum.
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  11. I didn't take many pics, but the museum was really great!
  12. Then we took some really cute photo booth pics, including this one.
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  13. We also saw an Omnimax movie, which was kind of boring.
  14. But then we went to Noodles & Co. which was delicious!!
  15. Then to Orange Leaf because we're chubsters.
  16. Now we're back at the dorm watching movies!
  17. Needless to say, it's been a great day.
  18. Happy early birthday to me! 😊🎉