and where I borrowed them from (mostly celebrities and TV/movie characters I'm obsessed with.) This has been a note in my phone for some time now, so I can't remember the origins of all of them.
  1. Mae
  2. Rhiannon
    after the Fleetwood Mac song
  3. Sloan(e)
    from Ferris Bueller
  4. Cameron
    from Ferris Bueller
  5. Ferris
    from Ferris Bueller
  6. Lane
    after road signs??
  7. Mindy
    after @mindy
  8. Vera
    also after @mindy
  9. Landry
    from Friday Night Lights
  10. Matty
    from Awkward.
  11. Jack
    from lots of different things, probably 30 Rock
  12. Chandler
    from Friends, obviously.
  13. Ben
    from Parks and Rec, I'm assuming
  14. Rowan
  15. Leo
    from The Mindy Project or I guess after DiCaprio, also possibly from Charmed
  16. Miles
    after the unit of distance measurement??
  17. Lydia
    from Teen Wolf
  18. Theo
    from Teen Wolf
  19. Stiles
    also from Teen Wolf, better as a pet's name
  20. Holland
    after Holland Roden
  21. Ike
  22. Imogene
    from that George Ella Lyon poem
  23. Arden
    after Arden Cho
  24. Frankie
    from Degrassi maybe??
  25. Clara
    from Doctor Who
  26. Oswin
    also from Doctor Who
  27. Kiernan
    after @kiki
  28. Laurel
    from HTGAWM
  29. Tate
    from AHS, I'm assuming
  30. Emilia
    which I thought I made up but it turns out was already an alternate spelling of Amelia
  31. Anders
    after @Ders808
  32. Piper
    from Charmed
  33. Liz
    from 30 Rock
  34. Kendall
    after the Jenner one
  35. Rory
    from The Conjuring or Gilmore Girls of Doctor Who
  36. Remy
    After the rat chef
  37. Audrey
    after Audrey Hepburn obvi
  38. Oliver, Olly for short
    from HTGAWM, etc.
  39. Lennon
    got the idea from that sister singing group, Lennon and Maisy. I'm assuming they borrowed it from John Lennon
  40. Cecily
    after Cecily Strong obvs
  41. Maia
    after Maia Mitchell
  42. Maxine
  43. Laney
  44. To be continued...