1. Kevin Malone repeatedly dropping a huge pot of homemade chili
  2. Gretchen Wieners repeatedly trust falling off the stage and no one catching her
  3. Chris Farley's ghost as Matt Foley repeatedly crushing a table
  4. Melissa McCarthy as Chris Farley as Matt Foley repeatedly crushing a table
  5. Buddy the Elf repeatedly realizing he's human and promptly fainting
  6. Brennan and Dale from Step Brothers repeatedly building and collapsing a bunk bed
  7. The Iron Giant being repeatedly gunned down
  8. The kid from Home Alone booby trapping intruders
  9. Any of the Bring It On cheerleading squads before their transformation into a great squad
  10. The guys of Jackass being jackasses
  11. Donkey Kong rolling barrels
  12. Kids who think they're at a trampoline park
  13. Tap dancers
  14. A step team
  15. Cloggers
  16. Irish dancers, rehearsing for Riverdance
  17. 8 lords a'leaping
  18. Grape stompers
  19. A herd of elephants
  20. A Tyrannosaurus rex
  21. Andre the Giant's ghost
  22. The BFG
  23. Other assorted giants