1. Read a bigger variety of stuff
  2. Journal more
  3. Finally watch every Star Wars movie
  4. Smoke weed in a junkyard
  5. Haha you thought this was gonna be a meaningful/intellectual list
  6. It was gonna be, but I got lazy
  7. And I went to a junkyard and I was like "whoa this is awesome"
  8. And I realized that my resolutions never really change
  9. Read more
  10. Write more
  11. Eat less junk
  12. Have a better attitude
  13. Get out of my comfort zone
  14. Maybe this'll be the year I follow through on those
  15. But I think I'll add one this year
  16. (See, stepping out of my comfort zone already!)
  17. Make my mental health a priority
  18. Wish me luck!!!!!