Something about that ginger scrub gets me all hot and bothered
  1. This one
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  2. Quidditch Uniform
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  3. D'awww
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  4. Under love potion
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  5. Unconscious post love potion
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  6. This aesthetic
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  7. In Harry's glasses
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  8. Breaking into Bellatrix' vault
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    Some sexy Game of Thrones ish
  9. Angry because Horcux
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  10. That smile
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  11. Wet
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  12. Kissing Hermione in the Chamber of Secrets
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    Still wet
  13. Basically any look when he's not a wee babe, because that'd be weird
  14. And not Goblet of Fire because the hair
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  15. And the unfortunate dress robes
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  16. Ronald Weasley is my king ❤️