THE _______ TO MY _______.

Relationships I hope to find at some point in my life
  1. Amy Poehler; Tina Fey (and vice versa)
    Someone to laugh at me and laugh with me and make me laugh
  2. Leslie Knope; Ben Wyatt
    Someone to love me and like me and admire my butt
  3. Leslie Knope; Ann Perkins
    Someone to constantly tell me how beautiful and one-of-a-kind I am
  4. Ron Swanson; Leslie Knope
    Someone with the authority to make me chill the fuck out sometimes
  5. Justin Timberlake; Jimmy Fallon (and vice versa)
    Someone to help me maintain my inner child and do fun music collabs with
  6. John Krasinski; Jimmy Kimmel
    Someone to vacation and prank with
  7. Jim Halpert; Pam Beesly
    Someone who will make huge gestures to show their love for me
  8. Michael Scott; Pam Beesly (and vice versa)
    Someone who will always show up
  9. Holly Flax; Michael Scott
    Someone just as goofy as me
  10. Pam Beesly; Michael Scott
    Someone to slap some sense into me from time to time
  11. Dwight Schrute; Pam Beesly
    Someone who will try their best to understand and help
  12. Dwight Schrute; Angela Martin (and vice versa)
    Someone to bring out the best in me
  13. 🍵🐍
  14. Danny Castellano; Mindy Lahiri (and vice versa)
    Someone to love me despite my rampant amount of flaws
  15. Jack Donaghy; Liz Lemon
    Someone who criticizes me but cares for me deep down
  16. Liz Lemon; Jack Donaghy
    Someone to call me out on my bullshit
  17. Jenna Maroney; Liz Lemon
    Someone to look after
  18. Abed Nadir; Troy Barnes
    Someone who just gets me
  19. Leo DiCaprio; Toby Maguire
    Someone to discuss and share my passions with
  20. Ilana Wexler; Abbi Abrams
    Someone to keep me optimistic
  21. Samwise Gamgee; Frodo Baggins
    Someone to put up with my shit and have my back (especially when I'm possessed by a magical ring)
  22. Matt Damon; Ben Affleck
    Someone to stick with me through it all and keep me grounded
  23. Truman Capote; Harper Lee
    An extrovert to balance out my extreme introvert
  24. Horatio; Hamlet
    Someone I can trust to have my back and keep my secrets and survive to tell my hella tragic story
  25. Usher; Justin Bieber
    Someone to sign me to their record label (this one is strictly for bucket-list purposes)
  26. Susan B. Anthony; Elizabeth Cady Stanton
    Someone who shares my beliefs and is willing to fight for them
  27. Jay Z; Kanye West
    Someone to push me to new heights and check my ego
  28. Taylor Swift; Selena Gomez/Lorde/Zendaya/Serayah/Hailee Steinfeld/Cara Delevingne/Lena Dunham/everyone
    Someone to lift me the fuck up when I'm down
  29. Gene Wilder to my Gilda Radner
    The most dreamy, romantic, genius, and hilarious couple. ultimate goals
    Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  30. Joey; Chandler (and vice versa)
    Someone who will always be there for me and will accept me for who I am.
    Suggested by   @lysa
  31. Maverick; Goose
    Suggested by   @mignac
  32. Monica; Rachel
    Suggested by   @amykardashianwest
  33. Joey and phoebe
    They're literally the best and know they are each other's bff and they don't even have to say it ugh I love it
    Suggested by   @myrtedriesenaar
  34. Josh Lyman to Donna Moss
    Someone who looks at me like I am his whole world.
    Suggested by   @bookishclaire
  35. Turk; JD
    Suggested by   @kate81